The Board

The Teneriffe Festival Inc. is a not-for-profit organisation managed by a group of volunteer professionals. The day is made possible thanks to the efforts of the management board who give up their time before, during and after the event. This year’s board brings together experience, creativity and dedication to build what has been termed one of brisbane’e most significant community festivals. The board not only organises the event itself but also sponsorship, publicity and marketing in the lead up to the Teneriffe Festival.

Mic Uebergang – Chairman

Having Teneriffe’s only local pub certainly gives me a huge understanding what is happening within the larger community, local business and most importantly, our local residents. The Dalgety Public House began its story in the famous Teneriffe woolsheds more than 100 years ago. By the roaring 20’s, as railways were fully established and wool export was booming, the well-established original tenants ‘Dalgety and Co Ltd’ first began to make a name for themselves as a wool exporter and the first pastoral company to move into Teneriffe.

Whilst the wool stores have seen an array of changes over time, most recently becoming an exclusive precinct and home to various bars and residences, The Dalgety Public House wants to bring a new offering to the wool stores, honouring the deep history that the Dalgety Company started so long before. Acknowledging and respecting our history whilst developing forward-thinking ideas to highlight all that is unique and amazing about our community is what I hope to bring to the Board of the Teneriffe Festival.

My favourite thing to do at the festival (if I’m not working) is to people-watch at my pop-up bar! The sheer volume of festival-goers that come through the gates on a cracking winter’s day is incredible. My second favourite thing to do is sampling different food and drinks from leading local and Brisbane restaurants, all on one strip of Teneriffe. Brilliant!

Michael Wilkins – Secretary

Working together with local businesses and the community it so rewarding to see everyone coming together at the Teneriffe Festival. Its really great to see all the families and locals come down every year and this really makes the Teneriffe Festival what it is today. My family really enjoys the eclectic mix of food stalls and my eldest daughter Misha always seems to find something new from the stalls that she just must have!

Ross Garnett – Board Member

I have been privileged to be a board member of the Festival since its inception. This gives me the opportunity to participate in the community where I have lived all of my life. My particular focus on the Board is to contribute to the culture of the Festival through accentuating history. My aim is to involve other historical groups and showcase their areas of expert knowledge and their historical artefacts to keep the history of this very old part of Brisbane alive in the 21st Century.

On the day of the Festival I enjoy meeting people with a connection to the peninsula who want to know more about the history of the area and are keen to share their own oral history. For a couple of years the New Farm and Districts Historical Society has shown a film of a 1958 tram ride from South Brisbane to New Farm. What a delight it is to hear the comments of folk as they are reminded of how things were in 1958!

Matt Trewhella – Board Member

I currently work for a branding agency in the local area and have lived in Teneriffe area for 7 years since moving from Melbourne.
I am excited to join the Festival Team to help grow this wonderful community event and maintain it’s status as one of the best street festivals in Australia.
Giving back to the community and meeting so many people who make Teneriffe the special suburb it is today was what inspired me to join the Team and also the opportunity to work with high quality people involved in the Board who are so passionate about the event.

Claire Campbell – Board Member

I’m so delighted to be on the board and honoured to be starting my festival journey in the 10th Birthday year. Teneriffe Festival is an amazing community event that is supported by a dedicated team of board members that truly love this event.

My favourite festival memory is sitting by the river after finally choosing (spoilt for choices) something to eat and enjoying the live music. Mostly the vibe and seeing people happy and enjoying themselves year after year (including me).

Murray Sutherland – Event Director

As a brand strategist and the event director, I have a really unique view of the festival. I love how we plan for months to achieve the perfect format and then on the day, I get to see all the different precincts, acts and events come together, to present a really amazing day.

This particular event is really important to me. I’ve lived or worked in Teneriffe for more than 16 years and I’m proud to be part of one of Brisbane’s biggest community events that is staged right in our own backyard.

Cr Vicki Howard – Councillor for Central Ward

I look forward to the Teneriffe Festival every year because there is always a surprise around every corner – from Squatters with Sheep to guys dressed as Bo-Peep – this is the local event for ‘ewe’ to be at on the first Saturday of every July.

Grace Grace MP – Member for McConnel

I have worked with local community organisations in my electorate including P&Cs, the New Farm Neighbourhood Centre, Teneriffe Progress Association, Queensland Aids Council (QuAC), Fortitude Valley Chamber of Commerce and many others.

I’ve been a foundation member of the Teneriffe Festival Planning Committee and always enjoy being part of a very successful local community event.

Matthew Rouse – Legal Counsel

I feel privileged to have been involved with such a vibrant and passionate group of people from the inception of the Festival’s Board. Just like me, all of them live and breathe Teneriffe.

While I love the Festival in its entirety, one of my favourite things to do on the day is wander the food stalls and have a cold beverage or two as the sun goes down on another perfect winter’s day in Teneriffe.